Research and Innovation
We believe that new ideas and technologies are critical to addressing the complex challenges facing all societies around the world.
We seek to motivate people, businesses, and communities with experiences, skills, and tools that enable them to take action.
Mutual Respect
We believe in mutual respect and thereby recognize the innate worth of all people and the value of their unique experiences.
Honesty and Transparency
We believe in honesty and transparency and will be held accountable for the effectiveness of our actions and open in our communication.
We believe in humility and recognize that we belong to a larger movement fighting for the rights and welfare of the vulnerable populations and their families.

AFEG is an indigenous non government organisation registration number INDR142891947NB and a company limited by guarantee no. 80020001395316

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P.O Box 286, Bugiri
Namayingo District, Mutumba Sub-County Mutumba Ward
Mutumba A Cell

Telephone:  +256200904450
Mobile:        +256782899526

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