All-In-One Family Empowerment Group (AFEG) started as unregistered local youth group in 2017 operating in Mutumba village with 10 members. Given the high dropout rates of children from school, gender-based violence, child labour, increasing disease burden, soaring food insecurity and climatic change coupled with high poverty levels and decline in behavioral patterns the group with its limited resources mainly focused on empowering families to be more productive and increase their household income.

In order to widen its activities and area of operation, AFEG was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee with Uganda Registration services bureau on 2nd November 2018 with Registration number 80020001395316. On 1st April 2019 it was registered as an indigenous NGO with ministry of internal affairs under the non-governmental organizations act 2016 with registration number INDR142891947NB and legally operating in the districts of Namayingo, Busia, Bugiri and Mayuge with permit number INDP0001947NB. The organization head office is located in Mutumba Sub-county, Namayingo districts

One day, all families in this world will be holistically empowered.

Create and promote sustainable solutions to eliminate all forms of vulnerabilities and preserve the natural system on which all life depends.

Key Objectives

  • Reduce gender-based violence
  • Promote environmental conservation
  • Fight against modern slavery
  • Promoting research and innovations
  • Increase food security through agriculture production.
  • Promote improved health through maternal health and child nutrition and WASH programmes

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AFEG is an indigenous non government organisation registration number INDR142891947NB and a company limited by guarantee no. 80020001395316

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P.O Box 286, Bugiri
Namayingo District, Mutumba Sub-County Mutumba Ward
Mutumba A Cell

Telephone:  +256200904450
Mobile:        +256782899526

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